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Q: When were you under Holy Ghost conviction that led to a life changing salvation in Jesus Christ?
A: Holy Ghost conviction started October 9th, 1994 and came to fruition the next Thursday the 13th while on visitation, when I trusted Christ as my Savior.

Q: When, where and how were you baptized? Was it after your conversion to Christ?
A: Yes, it was after my conversion. I was baptized by immersion at Calvary Hill Baptist Church; the baptism was conducted by my pastor, Bill Pickel.

Q: Are you a member in good standing with a local, independent, Baptist Church?
A: Yes. I am a member of Calvary Hill Baptist Church
Location: 7210 S. Pine St. Pacolet, SC 29372.
PH: (864) 474-3063.
Pastor�s e-mail:

Q: Are you married? If so, please give your wife�s testimony.
A: Yes, I am married. My wife was born again on Sunday morning, October 23rd, 1994 after coming under Holy Ghost conviction brought on by a salvation message preached by Preacher Pickel that morning. She is a valuable asset to this ministry.

Q: Have you or your wife ever been divorced?
A: No, September 15th of this year 2012, will be our 28th Wedding Anniversary.

Q: When did God call you to preach?
A: Immediately after my conversion to Christ, I felt God�s call to preach. The LORD used 1Corinthians 9:16 to confirm the call.
1 Cor. 9:16 For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!

Q: When did God call you into missions?
A: Biblically speaking, like everyone else I was commanded by God to labor for a lost and dying world immediately after my conversion to Jesus Christ
(Mark 16:15). I have, for the last 14 plus years, taken an active part in our church
visitation program, passing out Gospel literature and telling people about Jesus.
Not only have I participated in door to door visitation, but also in the streets and
highways wherever I go.
I was certain in the third year of Bible College at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College in Greenville, SC that the LORD wanted me in full time missions work.

Q: Do you tithe to your home church?
Do you participate in Faith Promise giving?
A: Yes, I, my wife, and my girls participate individually, and also as a family in God’s commandment to tithe and give to faith promise missions.

Q: Are you qualified for the ministry according to
A: Yes, because of the grace of God.

Q: Tell what you believe about the King James Bible, give scripture references to support your answer.
A: I believe the King James Bible to be the Word of God; it is:
Inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16, 1 Peter 1:21)
Infallible (Psalm 119:116, 189 also John 10:35)
Inerrant (Psalm12:6 and 19:7)
Preserved (Psalm 12:7 and Isaiah 40:8)
The King James Bible is also our sole source for teaching, preaching, and printing.

Q: Are you with a mission board? Please give scripture references as to why or why not.
A: No. We are called out of and work under the authority of the local church.
(Acts 13:1-3)

Q: Are you currently working a job?
A: No, we are full time in the Gospel printing ministry.

Q: Does your pastor recommend you? Why or why not.
A: Yes, if there are any questions concerning his recommending me, he can be reached at 864-474-3063 or at

Q: Do you believe an Independent Baptist missionary may yoke up with a person or group from another denomination for ecclesiastical or ecumenical endeavor?
A: No.

Q: Do you believe a missionary should be loyal to his pastor and his local church?
A: Yes, strongly.

Q: Do you believe a missionary should be a soul winner all the time not just on their field of calling?
A: Absolutey

Q: What do you believe about salvation? Give Scripture references to support your answer.
A: Salvation is of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and Him alone (John 14:6)
Not by works (Ephesians 2:8,9)
Saved to works (Ephesians 2:10)
Salvation produces a changed life (2 Corinthians 5:17)
Salvation is everlasting (John 3:16, 36)

If an individual makes a genuine profession of faith in Christ, by genuine I mean a profession that produces a love for Jesus and works to prove that love then
this individual is saved forever. (John 14:15, John 6:37, 10:28, 17:12, 18:9)

Q: Is Calvary Hill Baptist Press located at Calvary Hill Baptist Church?
A: Yes, the print shop is built on the back of the church building.

Q: Would you be willing to come and present your ministry to our church, without the promise of financial support.
A: Yes, I want to get this ministry exposed to God’s people, in hopes that we could be a help in their soul winning efforts.