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Vision of Calvary Hill Baptist Press
In September of 1999, The Lord spoke to my heart about starting a printing ministry out our local fundamental independent Baptist church, Calvary Hill Baptist Church.
I sought the counsel of my pastor. My Pastor and I, along with a couple other men of God, whom we knew could get in touch with our Lord began to pray and seek God’s will over the matter. Knowing the need was great and that it was a noble ministry to head up we wanted to make sure it was God’s will and not our own. By early October God gave us what I have commonly called over the years our green light verse, voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.
By the end of October we were shopping for printing equipment, I was excited for I had never seen a printing press until that day.
The intial cost was hefty somewhere in the range of $20,000.00 – $25,000.00. A large piece of money for a small church, but God supplied all we needed up front.
I started printing the Gospel of John in the Kannada language to go to the country of India, and one Gospel tract titled Are You Running In The Wrong Direction in the English language, we knew nothing about translation.
It wasn’t long before the Lord made me realize what could be done with such a ministry. God started working in my heart a new vision for our humble little printing ministry, that vision was to produce full color literature that would rival anything the cults could produce and still offer it to missionaries and soul winners around the globe, foreign and stateside at no cost to them. I prayed for many years for a two color press and a computer to plate system for printing four color process. In January of 2007 all that praying had come to fruition, for a man came to the print shop with a check for 30,000.00. Now both machines sit on the floor and are in daily use.
Slowly, but surely we are leaving behind one and two color printing and going full color.
My vision for the future; More languages, John and Romans with a full color cover, with a glued binding. Also to get Gospel literature into Gospel starved towns, cities and states in America, and foreign countries around the world in the same shape.
Jesus Christ is the catalyst behind this ministry, and it is Him whom we desire to honor and are confident He will accomplish His purpose for this ministry.
We are currently producing almost 60 different gospel tracts in English, Spanish, French, German, Seneca, Romanian and Runyankore.
Our John and Romans are in English, Spanish, Telagu, Kannada
Our “Basic Steps For New Believers is in English, Spanish and Telagu. This is the first of two books for new converts.
Our Building Stones For Believers is currently printed in English only.
This is the second work for new believers, it is more in depth than Basic Steps For New Believers.
All the above mentioned materials are free.